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Babak Rafati - Mental Coach

Keynote Speaker - Mental Coach

Possible speaking topics for your Event

Why bosses, colleagues & the workplace are not the cause of our stress

Burning instead of burning out - prevention strategies against burnout

Occupational health management (OHM) from practice for practice

Stress management for executives and sales staff

Healthy response to unhealthy circumstances through Positive Psychology

How to create a happy lifestyle – prevention strategies against burnout

Performance pressure is not the cause, but the consequence

Parallels from top-class sport to everyday working life & business

Of falling down and getting up again

Crises as a bridge to a successful future. With Future-Mind!

There are two sides to everything - The ups and downs of top-class sport

Personality development through strong self-leadership leads to change management

Keynote Speaker - Mental Coach

Content of the Speeches

Part 01 - The Dramaturgy of ‘distancing from myself’

  • My life as a FIFA & Bundesliga referee (short introduction)
  • The chronology & Crash due to stress factors and pressure to perform
  • Parallels from elite sport to everyday working life
  • Typically wrong thinking patterns in everyday working life
  • The Night (Where Thoughts Can Lead Us)

Part 02 - Prevention Strategies against performance pressure & motivation for strong self-leadership

  • Stress management: Healthy response to unhealthy circumstances
  • Self-determination & personal responsibility
  • Mindfulness - Radical Acceptance - Letting Go - Resilience
  • Men's ideals - weaknesses & limits - Are women at an advantage ?
  • Motivation Work - Life - Balance from the PRACTICE
  • Terminate employer or inner attitude?
  • Why bosses, colleagues & job are not the cause of our stress
  • Causes and backgrounds from own experience as well as from conversations with professional footballers and managers (transactional analysis)

More details about the Speech

Stress, pressure, burnout...

These are not just problems in elite sport, but rather a social phenomenon in our everyday working lives, especially a highly topical issue at management level. In his inspiring lectures, Babak Rafati speaks with outstanding clarity and convincing power about these taboo topics in times of globalisation, dynamisation, digitalisation, elbow mentality and demographic change. He touches, moves and inspires the audience at the same time. He knows how to transfer the problems and parallels of top-class sport to business in our economic life and modern management in a practical way and to motivate convincingly, clearly and simply despite uncomfortable topics. In an entertaining and relaxed way, he presents current problems in the professional world in infotainment and enables the participants to take a different perspective on themselves and their environment at work. A lecture for the motivation and health of employees in companies. A personality development that leads to understanding through knowledge, heralds the willingness to change and motivates strong self-leadership through inner attitude. As a result, this self-discovery leads to change management!

First part Speech

In his extremely authentic and captivating lectures "Burning instead of burning out", Rafati relentlessly and self-critically describes his deeply abysmal path. A breathtaking dramaturgy of "moving away from oneself."  An insight into his thought processes at the time with captivating honesty. It becomes frighteningly clear that burnout can affect anyone nowadays, including managers and so-called "strong personalities". It's all about (performance) pressure. He knows all about that. He was in the limelight week after week in professional football in front of an audience of millions on TV as well as in the Bundesliga stadiums and on the international stage and was therefore predestined for it. In his descriptions, typically wrong thinking patterns in everyday professional life become very clear and visible.

Second part Speech

He teaches valuable as well as solution-oriented prevention - strategies against burnout, stress management as well as positive psychology through "healthy reaction to unhealthy circumstances!" for everyone. Rafati is brilliant at creating images in the minds of the participants and anchoring them in the long term. True to his motto:

"Today I know that nobody is able to stress us, only we ourselves allow it ! Self-determination and personal responsibility ! That is the key to success. It is not the supposedly evil bosses of this world, the colleagues or the job that are the cause, but we ourselves that stress us out so that we end up burning out !"

The resonance

The response of the audience at the events is overwhelming and his work is censored in rows with the predicate sensational & excellent (see customer opinions/reviews on homepage). Numerous top managers, executives, sales people and many others benefit from the experiences of the former FIFA & Bundesliga referee, who gets to the heart of his mistakes without shame, exonerates the supposedly bad bosses and imparts valuable recommendations for action such as resilience, mindfulness, radical acceptance and much more. One phenomenon of his lectures is the success rate and thus the high number of participants who then use the lever to change their thinking and take active action.

The benefit and added value for the employees as well as for the company

Rafati's descriptions lead the participants to a personality development through self-discovery. This leads to a different attitude. Change management. Through one's own parallels, aha-effects arise, which has the charming character that a change process is automatically set in motion through this self-reflection. The subsequent recommendations for action from an experienced practitioner complete the spectrum around the topic of stress management and self-determination in a sustainable way. It becomes clear: Everyone has it in their own hands! Moreover, pressure to perform and stress are always the result of one's own expectations (inner dialogue), but never the cause from professional life. So we create the pressure to perform ourselves, no one else. This creates stress with the result of a permanent subscription to mistakes. Rafati's confession: "I am not a know-it-all, but a prime example of how not to do it." The insights gained from the story are merely results of the participants' own search and not a predetermined scheme. This makes it easier for the participants to accept them because of the credibility of what they have experienced themselves, also because there is no moralising.

The companies have equality of arms. Good staff. Modern technology, etc. But the competitive advantage in the future lies in "psychological capital." Recognising connections, motives, causes and people...this creates motivation as fuel for performance. Gone is the dismissal towards the employer (according to statistics 2/3 of the MA). There is a dismissal of the inner attitude!

One thing is very important in the context of occupational health management (OHM):

Healthy companies need healthy employees, otherwise we will experience an explosion of costs for health insurance companies as well as employers!

Work-life balance and human resources from a practical (!) point of view. The I-perspective of someone directly involved with all his despair and powerlessness. But also perspectives that show new ways and motivate to rethink. "Looking at old things with new eyes."

When he enters the stage, it doesn't take three sentences until the hall goes silent. An extraordinary, emotionally moving as well as authentic presentation by Babak Rafati with a happy ending will make your event an unforgettable highlight! The audience reacts at the end with a standing ovation lasting several minutes! The topic for the professional world cannot be conveyed more brilliantly from a practical perspective in an infotainment. Touching, moving and at the same time inspiring and motivating! An encouragement!